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Multi CH Tira Vento Land Rover vom Dobereich

- D.O.B - Jan 28, 2017
- 29"
- 90#
- Heart OFA normal (Doppler 11/19)
- cardio normal (24 hour holter 2018)
- Hips OFA good (prelim)
- vWd carrier
- Eyes CERF
- Thyroid OFA normal (11/19)
- Best novice puppy in breed (UKC)
- Best Novice puppy in show (UKC)
- UKC CH, finishing with a G4.

Tira Vento Kadarka

Owner: Monica Peterson & Courtney T.

This big guy is a fun-loving teddy bear and has already nuzzled his way into our hearts.  Watch for Atlas's future here at Dobereich.
Atlas, 2nd show out, 2nd win - 21 months old
Atlas, Best of Breed and New UKC CH.
Atlas - Best Novice Puppy In Show!! (UKC)
Atlas with his sister Rush
Atlas at 15 weeks (below)