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Acquisition Questionnaire

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in my Dobermanns.  To start things off I would like to learn a little more about you so that I can have a better idea of what you are looking for, and to determine suitability (if a Dobereich dog is right for you).


Right click and block and copy the text below and copy it into an email or word document.  Or download the file in PDF or Word, complete and email it to



Dobereich questionnaire


  1. Ideally when did you want to add a puppy to your family?
  2. What colour and sex of puppy where you looking for?
  3. What is your full name and contact phone#?
  4. Where do you live? (geographically)
  5. Do you live in a house or an apartment, owned or rental?
  6. If you live in a rental property, does your landlord approve of dogs/Dobermanns?
  7. How many members live within the home (Provide their relationship and ages, including your own)?
  8. If you do not currently have children, when do you plan to start adding children to your life?
  9. Does each person within your home also desire a Dobermann addition?
  10. Has anyone within your household ever experienced an allergic reaction to dogs?
  11. Could you please tell me what your expectations are from your Dobermann?
  12. Have you owned a Dobermann before?
  13. Do you have any other pets right now (ages, breed, and gender)?
  14. Do you plan on seeking obedience training for this Dobe?
  15. Were you looking for Dobe to; 1- Show (conformation, obedience, agility, or Such). 2- Breed. 3- To be a member of your family as a pet?
  16. Do you currently breed Dobermanns or any other breed?
  17. Have you ever been contacted by animal control, reprimanded, or refused the freedom to own a pet?
  18. Have you ever had to remove a dog from your home or ownership for any reason? If so please explain the circumstances?
  19. Where will the Dobermann live, in the house, part of the house, basement or outside facility?
  20. Can you provide a veterinary reference? (only if you have owned a dog within the past year).
  21. What is your occupation?
  22. How many hours per day will your dog be left alone?
  23. Do you have a fenced yard? If not, where can you run your dog safely?
  24. Can you provide your Dobermann with at least one full cardio vascular running exercise per day?  (For adult dogs this would be a free off-leash run for at least 20 minutes. Although walks are great, and they should get at least 2 per day, but they do not give the same effect as running).