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Dobes in Need

This section is dedicated to Dobermanns that finds themselves in need of a new home.  The dogs listed on this page did not originate from Dobereich kennel.


From time to time Dobermanns find themselves in need of a new home.  Often times these dogs are given up by no fault of their own.  They're fantastic family companions who were given up by their families for various reasons, but always with the hope that their next home will be their forever home. At Dobereich we want to help unite caring families with Dobermanns that need them. 


 Please complete the adoption application and include it with your inquiry to 


All inquiries will receive careful consideration.  However if you do not receive a response to your inquiry within 48 hours, kindly resend your request.

In addition to rescue there are often times good dogs that get returned to breeders to find a new home, or perhaps an older show dog that is available for adoption.  Its always worthwhile to ask any breeder if they have an older dog that needs a new home.