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~ Drogo ~
CH Tira Vento Chivas Regal, TT

D.O.B: June 2, 2017
- 29"
- 88 pounds
- vWd: DNA clear (& by parentage)
- Hips: OFA Excellent (prelim)
- Heart normal (Doppler 3/27/22)
- Thyroid: OFA normal
- Eyes: CERF clear
- Wellness/CBC: normal 9/18
- Embark - DNA clear for all variants
- Liver: normal 9/18
- Kidney: normal 9/18
- DVDob, DINGS: Clear (G/G)
- DCM1 PDK4: clear (N/N)
- DCM2: clear (N/N)
- Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear (G/G)
- Colour: Dominant Black (BBDD)
- Multi BOB, G3


Q-litter (Salem)

Owners: Monica Peterson

Drogo is a large and elegant male that possesses a steady and balanced temperament.  Although Drogo can be a serious dog when he needs to be, he spends most of his time antagonizing his pug playmates and goofing around.  

Drogo is available at stud to approved bitches.

Drogo 23 months
Dec 2019
Drogo Autumn 2020
Drogo 23 months (below)
Drogo 1 year (below)
Drogo's Pedigree

CH Tira Vento Chivas Regal

CH Quiz von Schwarze Kraft

INT CH Destiny Phoenix Highway to Hell, ZTP V1A, IPO-3

INT& Multi CH Mitto del Nasi

ZTP: V-1A, IPO-3                

WD. CH. Hazy Dream de Grande Vinko

Zoe Copper Ginga House

CH Oscar z Padoku


CH Carmen Cara Ginga House IPO1, ZTP V1B

INT& Multi CH Sant Kreal Hennessy ADPr, ZTP - V1A, IPO2

INT & Multi CH Sant Kreal Zeus, ZTP V1A, IPO-3

Int & Multi CH Urbano del Diamante Nero


INT & Multi CH Sant Kreal Ukrashenie

ZTP V1B, IPO-1                              

INT & Multi CH Sant Kreal Vivache

ZTP V1A, IPO-1    

Multi CH Adamant de Grande Vinko

Ukr, Rus, CH, IPO 1

INT & Multi CH Sant Kreal Rubinovaya Roza