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Dobereich's Quest For The Ark, S, NS, TT

- D.O.B - November 14, 2018
- Height 29"
- weight 94 pounds
- Novice Sprinter
- Cardio normal (Echo) 10/20
- vWd Clear
- Hip OFA good
- thyroid normal (2021)
- Eyes clear CAER
- DVDob, DINGS: Clear (G/G)
- Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear (G/G)
- Colour: Black (BbDD)

CH Dobereich's Bewitched, TT

Owner: Dave & Elyse G. & Monica Peterson 

Indy is a full loving and balanced boy.  The pandemic has halted his entry into the show ring, however we are enjoying his versatility in other field sports and plan to continue working and showing as events become available. 

Indy is such a cuddly dog in his home and he's great in public.  A goof when he wants to be, but a definite protector when he needs to be.
Dobereich males