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Multi CH Dobereich's Urban Myth, TT

- D.O.B - April 4, 2013
- 26"
- 76 pounds
- vWd clear by parentage
- Cardio normal (annually) 2015-18
- Hips OFA good
- Thyroid OFA normal
- Liver normal (2018)
- Kidney normal (2018)
- CBC/Wellness profile normal (2018)
- Eyes CERF clear
- CKC Champion
- UKC Champion
- 5 x Best baby puppy in breed (UKC)
- TT (Temperament Test assn.)
- Colour DNA - Black #3 (does not carry dilution)

CH Tira Vento Bavaria vom Dobereich, TT

Owner: Monica Peterson

When I look at Jade I see all my favourite Dobermanns of Dobereich's past and present looking back at me.  Jade is a very loving and social dog, expressing good character and an independent personality.  However I'm pretty sure that she would consider her life complete if she and I just cuddled in bed all day and night.
 Jade's offspring:
Click HERE for the I-Litter (Bosco)
Click HERE for the N-litter (Bosco)
Click HERE for the R-litter (Loki)
Jade at 7 months
Candid of Jade at the DPCC specialty 2015
Jade, just shy of 3 years (Below)
Jade at 2 years, best of winners under judge Mavis McClintock at the Guelph KC show
Jade at 2 years of age!
Jade at 1 year old.
Jade completes her UKC CH at just 7 months of age!
7 months
8 weeks - 4 months

~ Jade ~

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