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Dobereich's Victorian Penny

- D.O.B - April 13, 2020
- weight 72 pounds
- Height 26"
- Cardio normal (echo 3/27/22)
- Eyes - normal (CAER 3/27/22) 
- vWd DNA Clear
- DVDob, DINGS: Clear (G/G)
- Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear (G/G)
- Colour: Dominant Black (BBDD)

CH Tira Vento Lamborghini vom Dobereich, TT

Owner: Dave & Elyse G. & Monica Peterson 

Penny is a driven female that has a talent for letting you know what she wants with her "talking".  She is smart and alert and learns very quickly what is expected of her.  At just one year of age we have a lot of time ahead of us to explore her abilities.
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