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PJs For Dobermans!

2020 Fall special, *$65.00 on all sizes!

while quantities last
  • Made from warm and breathable Polar fleece.
  • Easy pull-over jersey knit crew neck.
  • Jersey rib knit cuffs help keep leg fittings comfortable and snug.
  • Full chest cover, fits deep chested dogs, specifically made for Dobermans in mind.
  • Open groin area for male and female potty needs.
  • 4 youth/adult Doberman sizes available; Med and Large Female, Med and Large Male.
  • Made in Canada!
Black Flower print
Available sizes:
Female - :Large
Female - Medium
Black dots print
Available sizes:
Female - :Large
Female - Medium



Medium – 24Lx31C (Fits most females between 60-70 pounds).

Large – 24Lx33C (Fits most females or small males between 70-80 pounds).                                    



Medium – 26Lx33C (Fits most males or large females between 75-85 pounds).

Large – 27Lx36C (Fits most males 85-95 pounds).

Customer is responsible for accuracy in measurements.

*Taxes and shipping extra.

Pink Flower print
Available sizes:
Female - Medium
Leopard print
Available sizes:
Male - Large
Male - Medium
Female - :Large
Female - Medium
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