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Dobereich Pug Adoption

Adoption process of a DobeReich puppy,


We are a small professional CKC registered kennel that is dedicated to breeding quality Pugs from Internationally acclaimed bloodlines.  We breed a few litters per year in order to maintain and build on our bloodlines.  Show, working, and/or pet puppies are available from these litters by reservation to approved homes.


Once it is mutually agreed that you will be acquiring a Dobereich Pug, a security deposit will be required to reserve your puppy.  A limited number of deposits are accepted prior to a litter being bred.


It is strongly recommended that you meet approval and reserve a puppy, especially if you are particular about the gender and colour of your puppy.  However if you are uncomfortable leaving a deposit to 'reserve' a puppy, you may request that your name be placed on a waiting list. 


Reservations have gone through an approval process, so they always take priority over the waiting list.  When a litter is born I will work to satisfy the reservations for that litter first.  Reservations made on later litters will also be given the opportunity to take a puppy from an earlier litter.  Once all the reserved clients have been contacted, I will notify those on the wait list. 


Once your reservation is in place I will keep you apprised on events as they unfold, starting from when the dam is bred, when she is confirmed to be pregnant, and I'll email a litter announcement shortly after the litter is born.


From newborn to the day the pups go home I will keep you connected with the litter and mother’s progress.  I send weekly updates by email and send several photos throughout the 10-12 weeks that the pups are home with me. 


I do not allow anyone to handle the puppies prior to 8 weeks of age to ensure that they are ready for outside interaction and to protect our/your puppy from contracting contagious, and potentially dangerous, viruses.  Although puppies do have some of their mother's immunities prior to vaccination, we prefer to not take any unnecessary chances. 


Deposits are accepted in date order with the first deposit holding the first reservation, second deposit for the second reservation, and so on.  When the puppies are 8 weeks old they are old enough to be handled by visitors and to be evaluated.  This is when I will meet with my reserved clients, allowing selection to be made in the same order as the reservations were taken.    You will be given all the help that you need in choosing the right puppy for you, however, the choice will ultimately be yours to make.


Once you have selected your puppy I will ask for his/her call-name in order to get your puppy acquainted with his/her individual name right away.  This will help to facilitate the recognition process once your puppy comes home with you.  Upon the selection day you will also receive an informative puppy package to bring home and review so that you will be properly prepare for your puppy’s arrival home at couple weeks later.


After you have chosen your puppy you are welcome to come and visit with him/her a week before they are allowed to go home.  Being able to visit with your puppy makes the transition a little easier for them when it comes time to leave the rest of the litter because they will recognize you.  However visiting with your pup personally might not be feasible, especially if you are out of province/country.  So I’ve set out a great way to help you to be personally involved in picking your puppy, even if you can’t be here in person.


If you live outside of commuting distance, I will send you several photos and clips by email, and once you have had a chance to review them, I will discuss the puppy's character and temperament with you in full detail in order to help you to choose the right puppy for your home environment.  The more I know about you and what you cherish about the breed in character, the better I can assist you in choosing the right puppy.


I recommend that you send me a blanket or toy with your scent on it so that I can put it in the shipping crate with your puppy about a week before their scheduled departure.  This way the puppy will recognise you by scent when you receive them, and this will increase the pup’s level of acceptance of their new environment because it will have some familiarity.

Adoption of a “Dobereich” puppy, what you need to know before you decide: 


Dobereich Pug puppies are guaranteed for 2 years and they are sent home with 6 weeks of complimentary health and accident insurance (Canadian citizens only).  


A security deposit will be required to reserve a puppy once your adoption has been approved.   Reservations are guaranteed, therefore deposits are only eligible for refund if I cannot meet your booked reservation. 


A CKC Non-Breeding Agreement & Conditions of responsible pet care are outlined in a written agreement prior to taking possession of your puppy. (viewable prior to making a commitment)


The following is included with every Dobereich "puppy";


  • First vaccination and veterinary certificate
  •  Full de-worming  
  • Tattoo or microchip identification
  • CKC registration (non-breeding)
  • Two year written health guarantee
  • First week supply of puppy food
  • Puppy’s first collar
  • Four generation Pedigree Certificate
  • Dobereich Starter booklet (training and nutritional advise)
  • 6 weeks of health and accident insurance policy (Canada only)
  • Lifetime support and free advice

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