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~ Rio ~
Dobgun's Brielle (Rio)

D.O.B: November 28, 2013
- wt: 82 pounds
- vWd clear by parentage
- Eyes clear
- cardio normal (11/15, 1/17)
- Hips OFA Excellent (prelim)
- Thyroid OFA normal
- Liver normal (2018)
- Kidney normal (2018)
- CBC/Wellness profile normal (2018)

  Multi CH Falk Festus Allegro
Dam: Dobgun's Nerissa

Rio can easily be described in one word "kind".  She is a loving and affectionate female, very tolerant with an open temperament,  Rio is definitely an easy dog to love.  She brings my old lines back into Dobereich.  Her Great-grandmother CH Nordina Dobgun vom Dobereich had only one litter in her life.  So we're grateful to have Rio (Brielle) to keep the legacy going.

J-litter (Bruin)
M-litter (Rogun)
P-litter (Bosco)

5 weeks
Rio with daughter Brandy 2019
Rio at 12 weeks with Luna
Rio at 9 weeks of age
(Please note that show and working titles have not been included in this pedigree)

~ Rio ~

CH Falk Festus Allegro

CH Yacheero's Pando Pandero

Yacheero's Dero Descaro

INT CH Odette Hani Red del Rio Bianco

CH Holly od Dvou Lvu

INT CH Agnes od Dvou lvu


INT CH Grant di Villa Conte


Dobgun's Nerissa

Dobgun's President

CH Ultimo di Altobello


CH Nordina Dobgun v. Dobereich


True North Blaise T Dobgun

INT CH Pako Daker


INT CH Paradiz Ronado One Pearla