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Dobereich's Spirit of Layla, LC-12
Oct 5, 2005 - Oct 7, 2017
Hips OVC normal
Cardio normal
vWd DNA clear
thyroid normal

~ Spirit ~

Dobereich's Spirit of Layla

CH Dobereich's Much 2 Bold 2 Hold, BFL1, LC12

Multi CH Dobereich's Finally Friday, TT, CD, ROMC, LC10

INT CH Baron Nike Renewal

Gilda Ginga House

CH Animated Isis vom Dobereich, CGN, LC15

Quite The Odin Von Ryansluxus

Indiana Rose von Micks, CGN, LC14

Jr. Cz CH Yuta Betelges, LC-10

INT CH Baron Nike Renewal

INT CH Prinz von Nordemstam

CH Borana Sawages

CH Blanka Ginga House

INT CH Jivago v.h. Wantij

Int. CH Ginga Sawages