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Dobereich Testimonials (page 4)

When I first met my Lexy, it was love a first sight! Today she is now 6 1/2 years old and has been by my side through many good times and through some bad times too. I couldn't imagine a more loving, affectionate, loyal and obedient dog! Lexy has brought me so much love and joy over the years and I have to say that she must be the most cuddly dog anyone has ever met. Even at 70 lbs she still believes that she is a lap dog, she just loves to snuggle. Lexy often receives complements from passer bye's on her good behaviour, temperament and on what a beautiful dog she is. Even at her age she still looks like a puppy and is just as playful. I often take Lexy to the dog park to play with the other dogs and she seems to enjoy playing with the little dogs the best. She will coax them into chasing her around the park which she loves. 


Recently we've added a new baby to our lives and we were worried about how Lexy would take to the new screaming little bundle. But to our delight Lexy took her in like a loving big sister and watches over her. We laid the baby on Lexy one day to see what she would do and she just laid there perfectly still like a mother dog would when nursing her puppies. I can see that Lexy and our new baby girl are going to grow up to be the best of friends.


Thank you Monica for bringing Lexy and I together, she has been my angel over these past several years!



Kim, Pete, Lily & Lexy



I just recently loss my dog Bailey to cancer in February 7th 2011, it was by far the hardest thing that I have went through, I really believe I know what it is like to lose a child now. Bailey was such a part of my day to day life, she was with me at least 22 hours of the day.  She took a piece of my heart with her when she passed.

One poem says it all. Rainbow Bridge.


Bailey was in my life for eight years, and she was one unique and awesome dog. There's not enough words that can explain how I feel about her, she was my loyal companion in body and soul you could not ask for more.  In the summer of 2002 before Bailey was in my life I got robbed, which shook me up big time, I could not sleep right and would not go out at night without someone with me. When I got Bailey at 9 weeks of age my life changed, and the fear and anxiety just slowly melted away. 


Now I have a new puppy Luna, she is 10 months old and also one of a kind.  Luna is full of life and also very special.  Both Bailey and Luna are fantastic and I really could not ask for more.  Monica your Dobermans are such beautiful and loyal dogs, you have made a difference to my life.  I am no longer full of fear and anxiety.  Thanks to Bailey and Luna, my beautiful girls. 


Monica keep up the awesome work, your dogs are definitely the best of the best.  I believe with every bone in my body I will always own a Dobereich Doberman.  I love my devoted faithful intelligent companion, I can go on and on. 


Someone once said;

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.  You are his life, his love, his leader.  He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.  You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." 

I consider this is my favorite saying since owning a beautiful Doberman from Monica.


            Thanks Monica

            I wish you the best in life, you have change mine for the best.

            Your dogs are truly special,

            Jodi P, Deer Lake Newfoundland

We got our first Dobereich  Dobermann in 2002.  My wife who had always wanted a dog growing up had unfortunately had a bad experience with a rescued Lab 2 years prior and after much research decided that a Dobermann would be her first dog raised from a puppy.  We began researching breeders, contacting several we found that none would allow us natural ears.  “No dog from my kennel will have natural ears!  No dog of mine will look like a hound!”  You’d be surprised at how often we heard that speech or something similar, not so when we contacted Monica.  While she tried to steer us to cropped ears,  she understood what the other breeders didn’t…that while it would be a Dobereich dobe, it would be our dobe too. 

After many meetings and research of her own Monica decided that yes we would likely be good dog parents and we made the number one female reservation from the D-litter Isis X Ghosty.  Choosing the name was easy,  Isadora, (Isi) meaning gift of Isis, was a no brainer.  Choosing the puppy, however, from the dozen of ridiculously cute black and tan fur balls  was not so easy.  The pudgy purple collared one pulled at my wife’s heart, the black collared one reached out, as if she knew,  and painfully left and impression on my infected toe, but ultimately the pink collared one, the curious escape artist one, the one who dove face first into my coffee, the one Monica had known all along we would pick, became Dobler’s Isadora von Dobereich.

Isi was a wonderful family dog, she became the best friend and little black shadow of my own shepherd husky cross Kitana.  She was easily crate trained and would go in on her own to sleep or avoid fireworks or thunderstorms.  She loved being with my wife and I on walks, in the garden , or predictably, on the couch with us!  She loved the bed with my wife most of all, when I woke up and let her out she would come back upstairs and lie under the covers with my wife in the bed.  When Kit passed away it was time for Isi to put up with a needy dog, we pulled a fast one over on her however and rescued a golden retriever form a puppy mill.  Our vet warned us against it, but Isi was up to the challenge.  She bonded with Sophie immediately and showed her how to be a dog, not a puppy machine.  Our black Dobermann now had a white shadow.  In truth we couldn’t have rescued Sophie without Isi.  I’ve never seen 2 dogs become closer that weren’t littermates or hadn’t grown up together. 

When my wife got pregnant, finally, in 2011, Isi somehow knew.  She watched over her constantly, never letting her out of her sight.  We knew she would be a super protective and devoted nanny dog to our child.  Unfortunately she never got the chance.  During a particularly bad run of health problems for both my wife and I, Isi died peacefully, but suddenly.  I was in hospital recovering from a stroke, my wife was hours away from going to Hamilton to have a dangerous sarcoma removed, she was devastated by her loss. Of all the horrible things that happened to us losing Isi was the worst for her.  Weeks later when I was out of hospital, my wife’s sarcoma removed, and our baby was born premature at 34 weeks, I contacted Monica.

 My wife needed a puppy.  She had always dreamed of Isi and our baby growing up together.   Juno’s R-Litter was fast approaching, I told her our story and she took the unusual step of allowing us 4th reservation female provided Juno threw enough females and 2nd pick female in the S-Litter if she didn’t.  She also offered us some options for adult dogs that she had available, once again knowing before we did that a puppy would not be for us.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, the R-Litter didn’t  produce a puppy for us.  In our own lives things had taken a turn for the worse, my wife’s cancer had metastasized and it was now incurable.  We realized then what Monica had somehow known all along, a puppy wasn’t for us no matter how much we wanted one.

 My wife still wanted a dobe.  Isi was gone, a puppy wasn’t an option with Chemo and a new baby, and we looked back at the adult dog options Monica had offered originally.  There didn’t seem to be a good fit.  My wife asked me to ask in my email to Monica about Juno, the dog who had just had the R-Litter.  My wife had read her page, Monica herself and described her as kind and great with children.

“Ask for Juno,” she told me. 

I didn’t ask for Juno, I already knew Monica wasn’t about to offer up a young breeding female with that kind of temperament.  Imagine my surprise then when Monica responded with “what about Juno?”  I read it 2 maybe 3 times my eyes watering up more each time.  How had Monica known? I showed my wife, and she cried. “I didn’t think you were going to ask,” she said.

“I didn’t,” I replied.

“Then how did she know?”

  What we didn’t know was that Juno had gotten infected teats for the second time and Monica, had already decided after her second litter to retire her if she got infected again because while dogs may be her business, they are also her family.  Unlike some who only care for the kennel reputation and the business, Monica puts her dogs first; they are part of the family, not just cogs in the business.  That and her uncanny ability to seemingly know what is right for us is why we would never even consider another breeder: European lines, family dogs, great temperaments, and at the top someone who knows and cares about her dogs and about her clients.   

Juno has been a perfect fit into our drastically different lives.  She loves our son, her baby.  Ask her to check on the baby and she goes to him, if someone is holding the baby she is there watching, if the baby cries she’s the first to notice.  She has become a lifeline to our Golden, Sophie, who had been slowly going downhill since she lost Isi.  Now with Juno she has a sister again and they have a bond that even I can’t explain.  Sophie goes up and down stairs again following Juno, where I used to have to carry her.  She goes on walks with Juno, forcing herself to keep up, but if she can’t, Juno slows down or even stops while Sophie rests.  Sophie is like a 14 year old puppy.  Juno now has the same white shadow Isi once had and she doesn’t mind.  She’s surprised us, Monica knew she would be a great fit, she knew Juno was what we needed, but it is still hard to believe, she could just step into our lives and make it seem like she had always been there.  Juno is a great dog, and she was producing great dogs, but Monica retired her and offered her to us because it was the right thing to do.  She herself will tell you it wasn’t about the money, but because she knew, we needed Juno and Juno needed a loving home.   We will get a puppy again, when we are ready. Only time will tell when that will be, but we’re confident… Monica will know.


Martin V. Kitchener, ON


"Dear Monica,
Just an update on Max. In many respects, he has been the best of our 4 dobermans over the span of 30 years. Throughout almost 10 years of his life, he has been the most healthy dog. We want to give you thumbs up, as he has had no health problem. He had few paw cuts, and a torn cruciate knee ligament that he suffered few years back chasing the ball, but he recovered from those excellently on his own.
We want to let you know that your assurances of your selection has been confirmed. He has had no wobler syndrome, thyroid problems, cardiomyopathy, or blood clotting disorder. We love Max very much. He is doubly certified as a therapy dog (general and for children). He has excellent figure, and moves like a puppy in spite of his age. I am attaching some pictures.
As a professor of veterinary medicine, I am impressed with the results of your breeding program, both for health and temperament. Well done. When the time comes and Max will leave us, we will certainly be in touch to get another one from you.
Sincerely, Arnost Cepica, DVM, PhD, Charlottetown"