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From the moment I saw a picture of this red collared male with his head looking down, I knew in that instant that he was going to be my boy. It was in that brief moment that I knew he was THE ONE: the one I wanted to take home and cuddle with, the one I wanted to play ball with, the one I wanted to take everywhere with me, the one I wanted spoil…basically the one I wanted to form that special bond with.

In the time that he’s been with me, we’ve shared so many things, done so many things and made so many memories to which I’m grateful of. All of his quirks, eccentricities, peculiarities, idiosyncrasies that makes me cry, irritated, laugh, and mad…no matter what it is I love them all. Most people aren’t too keen on Dobermans due to certain reputations, blatant ignorance and it is definitely not a breed for everyone especially if you aren’t prepared to put the effort into raising one. However, people that have met him have turned their heads and learned how beautiful, magnificent and regal this breed is. I definitely do not regret my decision in choosing a Doberman, a Dobereich dobe for that matter, as I have nothing but a stack of compliments on how awesome he looks, how great his temperament is and how wonderful his personality is. The more people I meet and the more people I educate will not only showcase how excellent of a breeder Monica is but will also demonstrate that with proper guidance, choosing a Doberman will guarantee you a smart, loyal, loving and caring companion.

Someone once asked me why I would want to get a dog when they are so short lived and I simply said “In that short amount of time, you get to care deeply (and they back) that no matter if the world turns it back on you, you’ll always have their unconditional love to keep you company.” So I thank you Monica. Thank you for choosing this breed, thank you for caring more about your dogs more than anything in this world, thank you for breeding the awesome pair (Cleo x Bogey) and most importantly, thank you for entrusting me with one of your puppies. No words can express how much this guy means to me – he’s certainly changed my life. Diesel…I love you buddy! 

Lana & Diesel, Toronto, ON

UPDATED from previous testimonial.
When our family decided it was time to choose a new pet the question was, what breed would best fit us at this stage of our lives?  Wanting to be active in obedience, rally training and try our hand at flyball we decided we needed a trainable dog and one with a great temperament as we had recently become grandparents and had a busy household.  It was determined a Doberman would be the right fit.


Once the breed was determined I set out to do my due diligence to find the best breeder available. I called a friend who formerly bred Dobermans and is a CKC Working Breed Judge to candidly chat about the breed, I researched health issues, scanned CKC Confirmation and Obedience results to see what dogs and breeders stood out, I scanned websites and then did phone interviews with my top 3 picks. When I called Monica and we had our chat it was game over.  This was the breeder I knew was right.  My inquiries of her turned into an interview of me to see if she would even consider placing a dog in our home….loved that! What I loved about Monica and the Dobereich Kennel was her extensive health testing, expertise and knowledge of the breed,  her attention and devotion to breeding & bloodlines and the true love she has for her dogs. Her dogs are her babies! One example:  she offered to drive Lexi ½ way to meet us which would have been an 8 hour drive for her …. Just another sign I know I’d found the best breeder ever.


Not having a puppy available,  Monica offered us the opportunity of bringing Dobereich’s Absolutely Classy (a.k.a. Lexi) into our family.   Lexi had been kept to show but Monica felt placing her with us felt right.  Lexi came to join us at 10 months old 7 years ago and it was love at first sight.  She is a loving and sensitive girl who loves our entire family and our friends.  However, much to my delight I have been the chosen one she truly connected with and since Lexi entered our lives I have gained a devoted shadow.  I receive a dobie style hug and kiss everytime I enter our home, she is contently by my side demanding to be noticed whether it’s a pat on the head or to cuddle beside me… a Doberman is everything and more than we could have wished for, they truly are a Velcro dog  Our girl provides us with undeniable true love and devotion which has been my saving grace since my husband passed away a few months ago.


Be forewarned that Doberman’s like most dogs do come with a few challenges, but knowing the breed before taking on the responsibility of ownership, is another area I commend Monica on.  Being a working dog they need to be challenged and they need to have a job.  Personally I’ve recreationally trained Lexi in Rally, Obedience and Tracking which she excelled in and was a great socializing opportunity for her and myself.  If you are looking for a lap dog or a house dog this breed can accommodate but you must also be willing to;  challenge them mentally, provide plenty of exercise and train with a gentle and consistent manner.


Lexi has truly enriched our lives since coming to live with us.  I must say of all the breeds I’ve owned over the years or been in contact with, the majestic Doberman and their owners are an exceptional breed…  I refer to myself as a “Dober Crazy” as the bond with Lexi is like no other I’ve known.  One story I love to tell is when Peter and I drove for 30+ hours (round trip)  to attend the 20th Dobereich Reunion on a Saturday afternoon.  It was amazing to meet Monica and all the Dobereich dogs and owners. We always said we would do it again in a heartbeat as it was an amazing experience.  That wonderful afternoon in Belwood created many cherished friendships that have stayed connected and have been a great network of support.


Thank you Monica for all that you do for your dogs, their owners and for constantly looking out for the betterment of the breed.  I can’t imagine life without a Dobereich dog in it.


Kerry A, Fredericton NB