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Dobereich Testimonials (Archived files)

Our little boy Blade has been a wonderful addition to our family since we
brought him home.  It's truly amazing at how fast they grow, learn and love
you instantly.  In our eyes, he is this perfect little boy who has some much
to offer and we love him very much.  It's now the three of us :) 

As far as Dobereich Kennels is concerned, Monica is a wonderful individual
who deeply loves her Dobes as well as the breed itself.  Her pet Dobes are
the most beautiful dogs we've ever had the pleasure to meet.  We are
genuinely grateful to have met her, purchase our Dobe from her and continue
to receive advice and support on any matter.  We would also like to call her
our friend for many years to come  :-)

Yours truly,
Lisa and Dave

Blade pictured above with friend and sister Tory.



I would like to introduce to you Tory, who is our beloved girl! Monica introduced us to each other and it was love at first sight.  Tory had me picked out I think before I even knew what was happening!  She is intelligent, quick witted and loves to be with her family. She excels at agility and there is nothing more pleasing than watching a dobe at work.

Tory has proven to be fast and agile on the Agility Course and yet precise and focussed while working on her Obedience. It is our goal to achieve her Masters in Agility and possible her CD Title and higher.  Tory has the promise to be a wonderful all around family and working dog!

Tory loves to play with other dogs and enjoys playing with our boxer German Shepard cross Bob. She had him wrapped around her little toe the minute he figured out what I had brought home! She also loves to play with her big brother Blade and Luger before they do their obedience together!

Monica has been extremely helpful to us and very understanding while we became accustomed to having a puppy in the house again! I stated 5 years earlier after the loss of my beloved 10 year old male dobe Apollo that I would bless my home with another dobe again someday, and Monica has given to me my dream in Tory!

Thank you Monica for adding such a wonderful personality to our home and sharing so much of your time and expertise with us to help make the perfect match for your dogs and our home!

Mandy, John & Krystal, Glencoe, Ontario.



Monica was recommended to me though a co-worker who had purchased her Dobie from Doberiech Kennels.  I called Monica after my 11 year old rescue Doberman passed away.  Monica was very empathetic to my heart wrenching loss.  We spoke for some time over the phone, and I could feel that Monica really loved her Dobermans; it came through in her vast knowledge of the breed itself and her adoption screening process.  Even more impressive was her attention to detail with regard to the health of her dogs.  I finally got to meet Monica and the litter, excited to pick out my puppy.  I hadn't realized how difficult picking the right pup could be until I was surrounded by 10 adorable wagging tails!  I stayed at Monicas' home for a few hours, speaking with Monica, observing the pups, playing with the pups, spending one on one with pups that I had narrowed down.  At no time did I feel rushed or pressured to make a decision, in fact, Monica encouraged me to take my time, she put a lot of emphasis on picking the right dog for me and my lifestyle.  Through careful consideration and with Monica's guidance, I was able to confidently pick the pup that would soon become my best friend and companion!  I brought Bella home when she was 8 weeks old.  As I write this, Bella is curled up beside me on the couch, as adorable as ever.  I highly recommend Monica if you are looking for a breeder who truly loves Dobermans.


Cindy D.



Zeus is our first Doberman, and he has grown to be a big part of our family. Since we had never owned a Doberman before, Monica was ready to answer all of our questions and concerns; and in the end we brought Zeus home from Monica, in August of 2003.


Zeus is a very loving and loyal companion, and he gets along with everybody in our house; as well as his buddy Andy, (a white Chihuahua) who likes to visit Zeus from time to time. Zeus is a real character and if you give him a treat and rub his belly he’s your best friend for life.


Anybody interested in owning an exception breed of Doberman, should definitely contact Monica. She knows a lot about dogs and really does care for them, which is one of the reasons why we went to her.


Eric & Shanica

Toronto, Ontario

Testimony Of A Very Happy Dobermann Owner.
Our family wanted a dog mostly for our son as he is an only child.
A Dobermann was the only choice for us as I had one as a child. We searched all over looking for the right breeder. I found DobeReich reg'd kennel in the 2002 issue of Dogs Annual. I found Monica to be very PROFESSIONAL & KNOWLEDGEABLE in all aspects of the Dobermann. We would a-mail them and always had a fast reply, it seemed that I would email every day with new questions and again they always answered.  I felt that now I wanted to meet the owners and see their Dobermanns so we set-up an apointment. 
While we were there we had a chance to meet two puppies from the last litter that were there getting their ears re-taped, a male named Aspen, and a male named Mick.  I asked the owners of these puppies a few questions and was happy to hear their experiences.  It was to be a short visit I thought but we stayed about 3 1/2 hrs talking.  We put a deposit down for a male from Monica's next litter, giving us first pick black pup out of the males. Monica was so helpful as we wanted a dog which could get his obedience titles as well as to excel in agility.
The day came for us to pick our puppy from 4 black males, again we spent a long time there to make our choice.  We went home and phoned back saying we weren't sure if that was the right pick for us between 2 pups we were considering.  Monica invited us back for a second look, that was just what we needed because after seeing them again we knew we had picked the right pup after all.  We must have drove Monica crazy even with the re-taping of the ears, we came every 4 days.
We believe that we have the best breeder because Caspian is such a beautiful Dobermann, we get many complements every place we go.
Caspian is doing well in obedience so look for him in the future either in the ring or the agility coarse, he is a great friend and family member.
Cambridge On. 



We adopted Jessie in September, 2000. She immediately became
one of our family. She is very affectionate and loving. She has changed
the minds of many of our friends who had heard that Dobermans were only
good as guard dogs. Obedience classes were a breeze and she passed
Beginner and Advanced Beginner with flying colors. We hope Jessie is
with our family for many years to come.   

Greg and Maureen,
Mississauga, Ontario
What I can say about Aztec is that he is loyal, friendly and just loves to play.
He has a black Kong that never gets too far from him. 
He loves to run and fetch.  We have also noticed he likes to jump over things, including our other dog.
One morning he leapt over the foot of our sleigh bed to say good morning (It's about 3' 6" high).  This spring I think
will try some actual jumps out back.
Aztec watches over our house and kids while my wife and I work the night shift.  He can be found on the floor
beside Samantha when we get home.
Monica has been a big help to us, whenever we have a concern with either of our dog's she is always there to help with whatever advise she can give.  If you are looking for a dobe go see Monica, you will be very happy you
did!  Monica and her dogs are one of a kind. 

 Hamilton, Ontario




Please allow us to share our experience with Dobereich and our boy Zeus III.

In searching for our next Doberman we did lots of research and due diligence contacting the DPCC and then emailing a personal email to their list of breeders, along with every other Doberman breeder we could locate through a google seach within our surrounding area (Ontario, New York, Michigan and some in Ohio and Penn). We were contacted by several breeders and ended up with a short list or breeders that appealed to us, which we explored further.


You responded to our email and right from our initial contact it was very clear you really cared about Chris and I and Zeus II's failing health. You had great compassion for our situation. You started right at that point to show that you were more then someone that just breeds Dobermans, you cared about us, our personal challenges with our earlier Zeus II's failing health and you started to do things to help us. We met you as a result of our initial contact and you introduced us to all your lovely dobies, from 6 months to 11+ years of age.


We met all 10 pups from your litter and from that point on it was very clear to us that you love all your dogs and it's not about money, it's about your love of the Doberman breed, trying to be sure any pups placed are placed in good homes with caring people. I'm pretty sure you had all the adult dogs checking us out too in our initial contact to see how we reacted to them!  You have been totally fantastic through the whole “choosing a new pup” process. You didn't steer us one way or another to buy a pup. Chris and I have been in sales half our lives and we know when we are being given a sell job, that was not your intent whatsoever. In fact our new pup, Zeus III, picked us! He made the decision and with your knowledge of the litter and each pup’s ranking and drive, you agreed that he was the right pup to be matched with us.


Since taking Zeus III home, your aftercare follow-up and assistance has been excellent!  Your Pup manual is a great example of a nice added touch that makes a big difference. Your assistance after with ear taping is another example that shows you go the extra mile above and beyond. You have been in email contact with tips, photos you’ve taken of Zeus III when we were back for a visit. It's very clear not only was Zeus III the right pup for us, but so is Dobereich Dobermans and that's why our search ended with you.


If potential Dobermann owners want to deal with an honest, caring person, and they are looking for someone that will provide guidance and assistance after the pup comes home, from someone who truly loves Dobermans, Dobereich Dobermans is the place to have a visit in the quest for a Doberman puppy.  We highly recommend anyone looking for a quality Doberman pup be sure to contact Dobereich Dobermans.


To tell you we found the perfect Zeus is putting it mildly. tell you we found the best breeder and friend, is an understatement.


Gary, Chris, Zeus III

Grimsby, Ontario           (testimonial updated on page one)



Tribute from the Boer family to Monica.

On Sept. 27th, 2001 we had to put our Dobi Donald down at age 11.  We missed having a Dobermann around the family because they are such incredible four footed friends. We missed the loyalty,  protectiveness, devotion, friendship and company that a Dobermann can offer.  Besides that they are such big sucks.  We just love this breed.

Our vet gave us the “Dogs Annual” magazine, and that’s where I found Monica’s address. I phoned her a week later on a Sunday afternoon, and we ended up talking for over 2 ½ hours. When I put the phone down I said to my husband and my 2 kids: We haven’t met her in person, we haven’t seen the ‘parents’ yet, but I know in my gut, that is where are new puppy is coming from.

I was SO impressed with her knowledge, but most of all, with how she talked about the Dobes with such deep love and devotion.

2 Days later we went to her place and met the highly pregnant Mam Indi, and Dad Odin. We were very impressed.  Beautiful healthy dogs.

We put down a deposit to hold our unborn male puppy and from then on Monica kept us informed of every progress.  We think that she had really outdone herself with keeping us updated.  She sent us emails throughout every step, letting us know how many more days until the pups would be born and sending us a picture with the announcement when the puppies arrived.  From then on we received weekly emails telling us of the litters progress, she also sent pictures as well.  

If you had questions she always has time to answer them. Don’t know how to express myself, but it was like becoming one big family. We were in this all together, that’s how she made us feel, only Monica was doing all the workJ !

Then came the big day that we were going to ‘pick’ our puppy. When she brought the puppies downstairs to meet us, ‘our puppy’ was picked in 10 seconds.  He was exactly the one she had in mind for us.

Just watching Monica with the dogs is such an incredible learning experience.  She is firm and yet so gentle with them. Boy, SHE is in control of these amazing animals.  We’ve had a Dobe for almost 11 years, but I still learned SO much more from Monica.

The big day came that we would take our puppy home. We were concerned about how we were going to housebreak him in a record time.   Well, unbelievable, Mick was already 90% housetrained!!!! This puppy, even with all his puppy tactics, is such a loveable good natured puppy.  We already know he will make one tremendously devoted companion.  There is only one person responsible for this, and that is Monica.


Harm sr. - Donnie - Harm jr. - Stephanie

 He is your friend, your partner,

Your defender, your dog.

You are his life, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to

The last beat of his heart.

You owe it to him to be trustworthy

Of such devotion”



I would highly recommend Dobereich kennel if you are interested in a Dobermann puppy.  Monica has quite simply bred Dobes to perfect this exceptional breed.  Her dogs are loving, good natured, highly intelligent, and easy to train.  Her skills as a trainer bring out the very best in your dog.  At nine months old “Raven” is eager to please, he has successfully mastered his first level of obedience training and is currently working towards his “CD” (companion dog) status.  He is an amazing companion who has enriched my life.

Thank you Monica!

All the Best,


To whom it may concern,
I purchased a puppy from Dobereich kennels in August '00.   I found Monica thru the DOGS annual magazine.  She happened to be the first breeder outside of Manitoba (and in Ontario) that I had contacted and immediately I was very impressed with her kindness, friendliness, and knowledge about the breed. 
Prior to making my decision,  I had contacted over 20 breeders both locally and in Ontario.  I quickly realized that what I wanted was a German blood-line dog for the workability, drive, and longevity.  That reduced me to only a few breeders.   I choose Monica's kennel for it's ethics ( having only one to two litters a year), quality of the breeding, guarantee and most of all for the rapport that we had developed.  My gut told me that I could trust her and that I would be happy with one of her dogs.  
I won't say that it wasn't difficult to buy long distance!  I couldn't see the sire and the dame to examine their condition and their temperament.  However, it did help to put my mind at ease knowing that she (Monica) guarantees temperament and that the references that I was given gave me great feedback.  Monica sent me a package with pictures as well as the dogs pedigrees,  and after sending my deposit for pick of the litter she sent me videos of all the puppies. 
Although I am long-distance, she has kept me informed EVERY step of the way (from mating to birth and once a week there after).The day had come to arrange for Rebel's flight home and she did a great job taking care of that too.  Monica and I have become friends over the phone and I can always count on her for helpful advice.  When people ask me about my experience buying long-distance from DOBEREICH kennels,  I smile and have nothing but positive things to say.  Awesome Rebel von Dobereich is everything I had imagined he would be and then some.  He was worth the wait and the money.
I would only buy a future dobe from DOBEREICH!!!!  A truly professional kennel!!!!!!
Proud owner, 
Eva R.
Winnipeg, MB. 



"We contacted Dobereich last December after the unexpected loss of our female dobe Rebecca.  After a lengthy conversation with Monica by phone, we drove up to see the litter where we had the opportunity to look at the puppies as well as Monica's other dobes (but more importantly in our view, Monica and her dogs had a chance to check us out.] 

Our intention was to pick a female puppy.  We chose Toura and are so glad that we did.  We couldn't leave, however, without a second puppy, Sarah, who is pictured travelling in the rear window of our vehicle.   We are so thrilled to have two dobes from Dobereich.  They are both affectionate and intelligent.  The support we have had from Monica since taking the puppies home has been extraordinary."
Kim and Steve
Melbourne, ON

To who may concern,
I purchase a puppy from Dobereich November 2002.  I heard a few people talk about her dogs.  I went to the web site and was impressed.  We contacted each other over the internet for a while.
So, I called Monica and we talked for a while.  When I got off of the telephone I was ready to purchase one of her puppies.  I am very happy with Ginger.  She is training for the Mondio ring sport.  You will be hearing about her in the near future.  Everything that was told to me was correct.  Monica is very helpful and is always there.  When you have a question or just to talk.  I have had people ask where I purchased Ginger from, before they can even finish getting out the words I have already answered them.  I have nothing but highest praise for the Dobereich Dobermans.  I would tell anyone Dobereich is the way to go.
Thank You Monica
Sammy P. Jr
Cocoa, Florida



Capone is our first male Dobermann after owning 3 other female Dobes. Capone enjoys the company of his 2 sister Dobes and relishes in the attention given to him by his human family. Capone has proven to be very tolerant and fond of our kids. Capone has been trained in both obedience and personal protection. His excellent disposition has allowed him to excel in both areas. He is a very loving member of our family.

Don and Mike
Caledon, Ontario

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