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Dobereich's Razzle Dazzle, TT

- D.O.B - January 31, 2019
- multi BBPIB

- Cardio normal (echo)
- 6/22 - 24 hr Holter normal
- Hips OFA good
- Thyroid OFA normal
- Eyes: CERF clear
- Vwd DNA clear by parentage

Multi CH Dobereich's Urban Myth, TT

Owner: Monica Peterson

Vegas is the product of two very special Dobermans in my life.  She is just as special as they are, so full of love and life, exuding confidence with a friendly disposition.  I'm looking forward to working with this little pup, and would invite you to keep you eye on her over the months and years to come.
Baby Vegas - 3-1/2 months
Vegas 3-1/2 months